How To Seduce Your Partner

How to seduce when you’re already in a relationship

Let’s be realistic. When we talk about men and their seduction it’s not very difficult to accomplish this. They’re always ready and thinking about sex 95% of the day, no matter where they’re or what they’re doing. Naturally, they also get bored at some point, especially when they have been with the same partner for a long time. That’s why many cheat, not because they don’t love their partner, but out of boredom. But how do we make things a little more spicy when we’re no longer alone, but we also have children around us?

Try the following tips and thank me later.

  1. Try role-playing
    Many brands today such as Lovehoney have a large and varied assortment of costumes for both men and women. They allow you to ditch the pyjamas and step into the role of a secretary, nurse, French maid, cop, or fireman. And we all agree that men in uniforms are really sexy.

  2. Play board games
    Here are some games that can help you bring back the thrill and relax while also having fun:
    Foreplay Board Game
    After Dark Board Game
    Foreplay in a Row

    I hope you’re getting my point. Have fun!

  3. Include different toys for both of you
    No, I’m not saying have a room full of toys and turn your life into 50 Shades of Grey. You can start with any toy for both of you. There are some on the market that allow pleasure for both of you at the same time such as: We-Vibe X Lovehoney Limited Edition Remote Control Couple’s Vibrator You will transform, intensify your pleasure and make it to last long.

  4. Help her/him with the work at home and with the children, give her/him the opportunity to pamper herself
    No one is in the mood for sex if they’ve been cleaning your house all day, taking care of the kids, and haven’t had time to take care of themselves. Create a situation where your partner can take a bath with candles and relax. This will increase your chances of having sex after you put the kids to sleep.

  5. Experiment, create a thrill
    Having sex only in bed will cause one or both partners to get bored. You can try it in a new place, in a rented hotel room, on the beach, in the forest, in the backyard, in a public toilet… Just think, the ideas will come to you. Change the place you usually have sex, change the position, change the time of day, any change will add to your thrill and pleasure.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to try new things, and if the first thing you change doesn’t work, try again and again.

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