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Lingerie Trends 2023

Convenience and sex appeal, combining different colours, fabrics and catchy shades. Check out the top 4 lingerie trends for 2023.

  1. Sexy doesn’t mean uncomfortable
    Most brands are betting on the comfort of sexy lingerie. When creating the design of a bra or bottoms, designers are already thinking about the comfort of the woman. Because the modern woman takes on many roles. Her life is dynamic. She may be on the go all day, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be sexy. More and more often we see quality fabrics and cuts created with comfort in mind. It’s believed that this trend’s still gaining momentum and will be leading in the next few years.

Red Heart Embroidered Lingerie Set

Red Heart Embroidered Lingerie Set

  1. Lingerie in bright colours
    Lingerie in bright colours is also a top trend for 2023. Fashion brands already know that ladies are looking for bright and bold colours to stand out. And more women think they can be sexy beyond the classic red and black.

Lemon Trim Cut Out Lingerie Set

  1. Combination of different colours and textures
    An interesting trend for this year is the combination of different fabrics and colours. The most common combinations are silk and satin with lace and tulle, but there are others. In the case of colour combinations, the variety is even greater – harmonious, iridescent or colour-blocking type.

Nude Lace Underwired Corset Set

  1. Lingerie as part of clothing
    An interesting trend among street style is the transformation of lingerie into a part of clothing. You no longer try to hide it under clothes, but leave it on display. There are certain models that are designed to look like part of an overall outfit without being intrusive. They are more like a crop top and can be worn under a blazer or sheer blouse.

White Bandage Hook And Eye Structured Corset

White Bandage Hook And Eye Structured Corset

And Remember LESS IS MORE…

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