Easy-On Latex Underbust Spanking Dress

Finally. A latex dress that doesn’t need dressing aids.


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Finally. A latex dress that doesn’t need dressing aids. Unlike most latex clothing, this innovative spanking dress is lined with soft fabric to make wear and removal easy and fumble-free. No more awkward rolling or peeling – just seamless sexy reveals.
A completely ingenious design, this bold red dress is made from a material called Datex. Formed of a latex outer and fabric lining, it stretches and clings just like latex, without being difficult to put on or take off. Plus the lining gives the fabric added durability for worry-free wear.
Polish it up with a silicone lube and accessories with nipple tassels or clamps to complete your ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Red latex pencil dress with soft lining for a comfortable, super-sexy latex look
  • Soft lining enables easy wear with maximum comfort, even without talc
  • Underbust style leaves breasts alluringly exposed for teasing fun
  • Cut-out rear reveals butt cheeks, perfect for spanking play
  • Buffs to a high-shine finish with latex polish or silicone lube
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