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9 Fashion Ideas for Spring 2022

Spring Clothes on Rack

1. Mix the floral dress. When everything seems to be blooming, it is natural to choose floral prints. Instead of the standard spring dress, change things by choosing a suitable colour top and skirt, or mix two different floral prints. Enhance the floral look by combining it with a denim jacket (or leather jacket) and sport sneakers or cowboy boots. Or, go for a boho look with a colorful maxi dress with a belt and pair with cowboy boots or velour boots.

2. Become a layering expert. A light jacket is the best way to prepare for April showers or especially cool spring weather. Whether you choose a packaged raincoat, a trench coat to wear everywhere or a cashmere vest that you can tie around your waist when it gets hot, always keep spring outerwear on hand. If you’re expecting rain, make sure your trench coat is actually waterproof before heading out into the rain.

3. Try a spring dress with long sleeves. Dresses are the essence of spring style. So, what should you do if the warm weather is nowhere nearby? If it’s too cold for a sleeveless mini dress, try a midi long sleeve dress. Or throw your favorite sundress with straps on white t-shirt or a turtleneck and leggings.

4. Pair blazer with flаred skirt in the office. When warmer weather strikes, make a midi skirt suitable for the office by pairing it with a plaid or strap. Add a belt, which will finish the look. Skirts are not your thing? Try a light jumpsuit.

5. Choose a maxi oversized shirt for outerwear. If you haven’t found a great lightweight jacket, consider oversized or a men’s shirt with buttons in light denim instead. It looks just as great thrown on a tight t-shirt and jeans. It’s suitable in the summer, you can wear it on a bikini as a mini dress-shirt.

6. Stay away from skinny jeans. White jeans with straight legs and denim shorts are a great look for spring. Tight jeans? Not so much. Instead, choose a wide or straight leg to increase air circulation.

7. Hug your sneakers. Sneakers are a great choice for spring, when it’s not hot enough for sandals, but it’s too warm for shoes. White sneakers give a fresh, clean finish to your spring look. When they inevitably get dirty, just throw them in the washing machine and your white sneakers will look like new again.

8. Show me your socks. It has been long time considered a no-no fashion but socks with sandals are a fun fashion trend to try with casual outfits. Choose socks in bright colors and combine them with elegant sandals for maximum impact. Not ready for this trend? Show off your cute socks with your white sneakers. If you want to try socks with patterns, polka dots are a great place to start.

9. Explore spring shoes. What is between summer sandals and autumn ankle boots? When you need to wear something smaller than white sneakers or sandals with socks, look for an option with an open back, closed toe, such as low heels with a sling, mules or clogs. Chunky heels and leggings are great for outdoor events such as graduations and weddings. Leather and suede are great textures for transitional wear, but will be destroyed by a rainstorm – be sure to check the weather before leaving the house.

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