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How to Dress Well on a Budget

7 Tips How To Shop for Less Money

How do some women always, always look stylish? You don’t need a lot of money to look stylish and dress well. You can do it, even if you have a small budget. In this article I’ll give you 7 tips for shopping for less money that will help you optimize your wardrobe.

Every season in the shops there is something new, something different, something better and you want to buy, buy, buy… You think that the more money you have, the better your wardrobe will look. And I don’t agree with that, because money can’t buy taste or style – it’s something that comes from you, no matter what budget you have.

 1. Look for a clean-cut style of a dress
Choose a pattern without too many pieces and different fabrics, such as lace, mesh, leather, etc. These things make the garment fashionable at the moment, but in just a few months it will “go out of fashion” and will not be up to date. This automatically sends her to the closet, and you lose money.

2. Combine with the clothes you already have
Choose a garment that you can wear with the things you already have. It is much better for your budget to have a beautiful dress to combine with different vests, scarves, bags and shoes than three expensive dresses that do not match anything in your wardrobe.

3. Lightly free clothes
If the garment is not very tight in the body, it looks more chic. It’s a matter of personal preference and taste. For example, I like to buy a sweater one size larger than usual. So it falls well on the body and looks casual, which I like. It is also very convenient.

4. Spend more on clothes, not on accessories
If your budget is limited and the number of clothes in your wardrobe is also limited – then this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you!
Look at it this way: Why do you spend your money on accessories that you will only use for specific occasions? Instead, you can invest your money in the main parts of your wardrobe, namely the clothes you will wear every day.
Also, if you invest in good and quality clothes, you will not have to renew them so often, because they will look good for a long time. So in the long run it is definitely worth it financially.

5. Colours
When choosing a colour, make sure it matches the colours of your other clothes, because otherwise you will rarely wear it.

6. Different fabrics
Another trick, instead of adding new colours to your wardrobe and buying a lot of things to combine, is to use the same colours you already have, but in different textures. For example, organza, cotton, silk, leather, etc. On different fabrics, the colour looks completely different.

7. Proper care
Take care of your clothes in the right way. This will keep them looking good and make them look new for longer. Read and follow the instructions for use.

I think that budget easing is really possible if:

  • you plan and buy in the long run, not in the short term;
  • if you stick to your style and always feel good;
  • if you are trying to build a high quality, good wardrobe.

I’m sure if you stick to these three things, everything will be fine! When people say, “I can only afford fast fashion!” (H&M, ZARA, etc.), I think this is just an attitude. Before fast fashion began, people did not walk around naked. They simply owned fewer clothes and valued the value and quality of each garment more than they do now. Today we buy too many clothes, we have full wardrobes and nothing to wear. There is something wrong.

I hope you enjoy this article! If it makes you think a little more about your own wardrobe and the way you do things, like or share it to reach more people.


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