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Dress Like a Million Bucks Even on a Budget

How to Dress Like a Million Bucks Even on a Budget

Dressing in the latest fashion collections is not a reason to be stylish. Today I’ll give you useful tips on how to dress stylishly and cheap: what and with what to combine, where and when to buy clothes to wear to parties, daily, beaches or business meetings; how to emphasize your strengths and understand the trends that apply to a particular age group.

If you have money, you can afford to buy expensive designer items, but that doesn’t mean you dress stylishly. To do this, you need to have the talent to wear only those things that are appropriate for appearance, and know which one to wear in each situation.

What not to do when shopping for clothes

Most fashion trends that can be found in magazines, on TV or in online stores are aimed only at young audiences. However, many older women do not think about it and shop at all the popular sites that sell things that are not over 30 years old. That’s why they often wear clothes that look silly or completely inappropriate.

To dress stylishly, you need to be well acquainted with the trends and choose your product category.

1. A stylish look can be created with modest things, but the accent should be expensive. Therefore, to look stylish in cheap clothes, buy not cheap accessories: leather shoes, silk scarf, leather bag, belt, a nice watch or glasses.

Resource: Pinterest

Resource: FashionJackson.com

Resource: FashionJackson.com

Resource: Hesinnovative.com

Take a look at the top 10 most expensive brands: Fendi, Guess, Valentino, Dior, Versace, Armani, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and Gucci.

2. You can never look stylish in clothes made of cheap fabrics. Think about how branded clothes differ from ordinary ones (quality of fabric, stitching, straight stitches, stylish cut, good design, as well as the ability to keep colour and shape after many washes and stay relevant for several seasons). Such qualities can have cheap clothes made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool or silk) and sewn by a good seamstress.

Fashion Inspo Wool Scarf
Resource: Hobium Yarns

Fashion Inspo Silk Skirt
Resource: Salten News

Victoria Becham Cotton Suit
Resource: Getty Images/Huff Post UK

3. With a set of classic items in your wardrobe you can look elegant, but not always stylish. To create a stylish look, you need to wear classics with bright accents (expensive accessories).

Each classic piece is not a cheap purchase, but its value is rewarded by the fact that it never goes out of fashion even after decades and can be worn to any event (from simple gatherings to elegant dinners).

4. Dressing stylishly and cheap helps the ability to properly combine different elements of the wardrobe with each other and with accessories; choose styles that emphasize the dignity of the figure, not its shortcomings.

Unlike Hollywood stars, many of us do not have personal stylists, but we know how to dress stylishly and cheap even without them. We know that you can combine classic wardrobe items with each other and with everyday ones, but this must be done according to certain rules (up and down the classics are good, but vice versa – bad).

Rules for combining skirts with a coat:
➥ The coat should be shorter than the skirt (proper way in the photo below)

Fashion Inspo Short Coat Long Skirt
Resource: Sampli

➥ The mini skirt should not be worn with a short coat (proper way in the photo below)

Fashion Inspo Long Coat Short Skirt

5. Stylish dress is a reason to have neutral colours and bold accents in your wardrobe. But do not combine more than three colors in clothes.
Ideal formula: black and white (or without) plus three colors.
Neutral colors are brown, black, white, navy blue and gray.
Bold (bright accents that can be used to create a stylish look) includes shades of red, blue, purple, golden yellow and emerald green.

6. A woman who strives to dress stylishly and cheap can have only 5 jewellery, but they must be of high quality and luxurious design:
➥ Earrings – spikes (classic version of jewellery)
➥ Metal earrings – rings (with or without diamonds). The size is chosen depending on the appearance of the woman, her style and character.
➥ Cocktail ring (jewellery should not be too large.) The key is its colour, which should be a bright accent against the background of a neutral palette of clothes.
➥ Long pearl necklace (or short pendant). Thin bracelet in the form of an elegant chain (with diamonds or other stones).

Fashion Inspo Earrings
Resource: Astrid & Miyu

Fashion Inspo Coctail Ring
Resource: Stephen Webster

Fashion Inspo Pearl Necklace Earrings Bracelet
Resource: Pearl-Lang UK

Fashion Inspo Bracelet
Resource: Zalando

If you want to dress stylishly and cheap, choose white sapphires instead of diamonds, which are cheaper but also beautiful.

7. At sales in fashion boutiques or warehouses you can buy branded items for pennies. It is advisable to attack such stores at the end of each season or before the New Year holidays. Discounts at this time of year are the highest and even reach 70% of the original price of the item.

To dress stylishly and not spend a lot of money, look at alternatives such as:
8. Sewing clothes in the sew parlour
9. Purchase of outfits from capsule collections
10. Create stylish things with your own hands. It is nice when the dress adorns a woman. It is bad if a woman becomes a decoration of a dress.

Always be beautiful and happy and decorate this world with yourself.

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