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How To Wear a Leather Jacket

How To Wear A Leather Jacket

There are two suitable times of the year when to wear a leather jacket: now and always. It is a mandatory element of the wardrobe of every lady and every man – it can be worn in all seasons, and experiments with it never end, unfortunately in our wallets.

The leather jacket is worth the investment: it can accompany any style of dress and give a rock – chic look to the look. In general, the leather jacket can go anywhere! Of course, you don’t have to ride a motorcycle, have a certain type of character or a special style of dress – a leather jacket goes with everything from denim to floral prints.

Here are some ideas I have prepared for your convenience in choosing clothes and accessories with which to combine your priceless jacket!

I start with something ala “street” – fast, easy and convenient: put a plaid shirt under the jacket, not specifying whether to wear it or tie at the waist – go for it! Add black boots, if you wish, with eyelets for a more rocky look.

Rock Style Leather Jacket
Photo: DressFitMe

Women Leather Jacket
Photo: DressFitMe

Women Leather Jacket with T-shirt and Denim Jeans
Photo: Pinterest

Women Leather Jacket with Dress In Black
Photo: Pinterest

It’s okay to combine your leather jacket with a skirt – mini or midi length in a bright or neutral color – a suitable combination for both spring and autumn. Add a small clutch or large bag as desired. And to achieve an even more broken outfit, experiment with fabrics – as a contrast to the skin you can put a lace or tulle skirt.

Leather Jacket Long Skirt
Photo: Stylevore

Leather Jacket with Black Top and Short Black Leather Skirt
Photo: Wheretoget

Black Leather Jacket and Black Long Skirt
Photo: Forever Amber blog

Hailey Baldwin Leather Jacket Mini Skirt and Leather Jacket Outfit
Photo: Aramanatural

Crop Top Leather Jacket Outfit
Photo: Popsugar

I continue with a touch of male presence in the women’s wardrobe – camouflage. Too easy in my opinion, but quite an effective combination of leather and camouflage. Camo pants and a simple top are enough, and as an icing on the cake you can put a hat or a statement necklace.

Black Leather Jacket Camouflage Pants Outfit
Photo: Antlers and Rose

Black Leather Jacket Camouflage Pants
Photo: Pinterest

In addition to camouflage, I can take something else from the men’s wardrobe – boyfriend jeans. There is nothing easier than to combine your leather jacket with denim, but in order not to be boring, we need a little variety – mom jeans or boyfriend jeans, a little torn here and there, a massive necklace and, of course, high shoes – and the veil! For lovers of comfort, I advise the combination to include sneakers, but cool enough to otherwise balance the basic outfit. I do not leave aside the boots, of course – the perfect finish to a grunge outfit.

Grunge Outfit 3
Photo: Pinterest

Grunge Outfit 4
Photo: Pinterest

Grunge Outfit 1
Photo: Pinterest

For those who are already hot, we recommend betting on short shorts – everything is allowed, from denim to asymmetry and all sorts of prints. Here the height of the shoes can be whatever you want – platforms, ballerinas, boots, sneakers… the choice is up to you!

Black Leather Jacket with Shorts
Photo: Pinterest

Black Leather Jacket with Black Shorts
Photo: Pinterest

Black Leather Jacket with Short Shorts
Photo: Pinterest

It’s time for the dresses! How nice that the leather jacket can be combined with both a mini and maxi dress! For maximum summer mood, bet on bright colors or floral prints, if desired, you can add a belt to emphasize your waist, and large jewellery if the dress is one colour and simple.

Leather Jacket Floral Dress
Photo: Pinterest

Leather Jacket White Long Dress
Photo: Pinterest

Faux Leather Jacket and Polka Dot Dress
Photo: Chic Talk

Another colour accent that is suitable for summer are the pants – the combination of top, leather jacket and coloured pants is easy, provides comfort and can be both sporty and elegant. For the more adventurous I recommend statement pants – the variety of prints is endless, as well as the mood they create.

Leather Jacket Blue Pants
Photo: jcmhch.com

Leather Jacket Plaid Pants
Photo: Pinterest

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